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Political Campaign Activities at UW-Madison (1914-1990s)

1964 Election - Students Campaigning on CampusPresident Kennedy Visits Campus     




It’s an election year and UW-Madison students have always been passionate about campus, local and national politics and issues. This new Flickr set from the UW-Madison Archives includes photos of presidential visits to campus, student government campaign activities and other work on national political and issue-oriented campaigns. 

Political Campaign Activities at UW-Madison (1914-1990s)

Joe McCarthy Visits Campus     Jimmy Carter Visits Campus






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Image captions (clockwise from top):

1. President John F. Kennedy visits Madison, Wisconsin. c. 1960/1963.

2. UW (Madison) students participate in rally during 1964 presidential election activities. Madison, Wisconsin. c. 1963/1964.

3. Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin chats with two young women during a visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s “Alp Club.” Madison, Wisconsin. c. 1947/1957.

4. Former president Jimmy Carter gives a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Memorial Union Theater in March 1994. Madison, Wisconsin.

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