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Madison’s LGBT Community, 1960’s to Present

This month, the UW-Madison Oral History Program launched its latest installment of “Campus Voices” documenting Madison’s LGBT community from the 1960s through present day. 

Campus Voices: Madison’s LGBT Community, 1960’s to Present

These stories contain shared memories of organizations, civic actions, cultural spaces, and fights for justice that the story-tellers believed to be undeniably significant in the history of LGBT life at UW-Madison

Two “mini movies” created for this project focus on locations of importance to the LGBT community including the Hotel Washington and Lysistrata Restaurant in Madison (embedded above) and the ROTC debate on campus in the late 1990s.

To listen to all the Oral History Program interviews documenting LGBT life and history in Madison, visit the UW-Madison collection in MINDS@UW (keyword search “LGBT”).

For more information about this project or campus history in general, contact or visit the UW-Madison Oral History Program’s Web page

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